Natural Treatments To Remove Scars

imagesDue to technological advances and medical science, today there is a lot of treatments to remove acne scars. The problem is that sometimes these treatments tend to deform or damage the skin due to the integration of synthetic products in their formulas.
 The last thing we want to do more damage to our skin this done by acne, so the best option is to use only 100% natural treatments to remove acne scars. how to get rid of scars

Here are some tips to remove acne scars, I want you to know in this article. revitol scar removal cream reviews and Tomatoes and cucumbers :
Tomatoes and cucumbers are rich in antioxidant properties, therefore, help to rebuild damaged skin tissue.
The mixed with tomato cucumber helps tighten the pores of the skin and restore suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
The treatment is very easy. First, you need to grind and mix the tomatoes and cucumbers to form a slurry. Then, wash your face thoroughly and make sure that no trace of any oily substance, or some kind of ointment or makeup on your face.Then gently massage the affected area and leave on for half an hour, after which you can and wash your face.

Tea tree oil :

The tea tree oil from Australia, is often used to make soaps. If you can not get the original oil, then you can buy the soap made with tea tree oil.

Another natural remedy for acne scars is the tree oil Neme India, Neme paste is also used in soaps and other series of products for skin care. Both tea tree oil from Australia and the neme of India are rich in powerful elements that can fight infections and acne bacteria.

Sandalwood :

To reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin, almost no better alternative than sandalwood properties.

This is due Mix with rose water (or milk if you do not have rosewater) to get to form a paste.
Ideally, apply this paste on the skin before bedtime, so you can stay on the skin overnight, the next morning, you should wash your face with water. click here